Pemberton Park for Grand Families

Kansas City, Missouri

This intergenerational, affordable housing for grandparents raising their grandchildren includes space for social programs for both the grandparents and the grandchildren. With two, three and four bedroom units, the two buildings provide common area and living space for 36 families. Scott Associates organized the development partnerships and provided architectural design and strategic planning for social services and resource development.

Redevelopment Planning

  • Needs Assessment
  • Organize Team Structure
  • Prepare Concept Diagrams


Architectural Design

  • Case Study and Site Visits to Similar Projects
  • Focus Group to Establish Design Criteria
  • Multiple Site Concepts
  • Design and Project Management
  • Construction Administration


Program Design and Strategic Planning

  • Case Statement
  • Resource / Fund Seeking
  • Program Design with 3 Year Plan

Grandparents as Parents Project Evolution


  • Scott Associates partners with developer Cougar Capital


  • Scott Associates and Cougar Capital assemble project team with Children’s Mercy Hospital Family Friends and Housing Authority of Kansas City


  • Scott Associates visits New York City Grandparents project to analyze approach
  • Scott Associates uses Focus Groups of Grandparents to explore design issues
  • Architectural design completed


  • Scott Associates prepares Programming Funding Strategy for Social Services


  • Construction begins


  • Families move in

According to the 2000 Census, in Jackson County alone, there are over 9,000 households with grandparents raising their grandchildren. Over 45% of those grandparents are in poverty. 57% of those households are headed by single females.

The top four reasons for grandparents becoming the caregiver for their grandchildren are substance abuse, incarceration, child abuse, and parent work demands. 

Households headed by grandparents have unique needs that result from the unplanned situation in which they find themselves. Grandparents who suddenly find themselves in custody of their grandchildren cannot turn to their neighbors and friends, who are either young parents or older “empty nesters”. Many are single heads-of-household that cannot turn to a partner or other family member for help.  Grandparents who were once self-sufficient on their own income may now find themselves dependent on rental assistance, TANF, and food stamps in order to meet the needs of their grandchildren. Instead of retiring, they may feel the obligation to work for the higher education of their grandchildren. Without legal concerns before, they may now face custody issues or other legal problems resulting from the needs of both their own children and their grandchildren. Once worried about the cost of their own health care, they are now facing their grandchildren’s costs as well. 

Grandparents raising their grandchildren may feel overwhelmed, isolated, or unsure where to turn for help. Pemberton Park for Grand Families creates a safe and supportive environment for grandparents 55 or more years of age and their minor grandchildren.